Downloading Delta RMP Data through USGS NWIS

data collected by the USGS is available via their National Water Information System (NWIS). Some may prefer the data from this website, as the download contains far fewer fields, and is simpler to read and interpret. data on NWIS includes data collected as part our pesticides monitoring program starting in 2015. To download Delta RMP data, follow these steps:  

Step 1: Navigate to the NWIS Web Interface,
Step 2: Click the “Water Quality” button
Step 3: On the next page, click the “Field/Lab Samples” button.
Step 4: On the next page, check the box “Multiple Site Numbers” and then click submit. 
Step 5:  In the box under “Multiple Site Numbers,” enter the site numbers for Delta RMP monitoring locations. (Note that the site numbers are not the same as the site codes used in CEDEN or for other California programs. You can copy and paste the following text string: 
11303500, 11455261, 381411121250901, 382205121311300, 375831121223701
To retrieve only Delta RMP data, filter by date. Choose data between the dates 2015-07-01 and 2017-06-30. 
To get all available parameters, keep the default option, “Samples that include above selection criteria and all associated parameters.” You can also view an inventory of available data, or select individual parameters or groups of parameters. For example, you can enter the parameter code 61695 for the pesticide imidacloprid in water. Explore the help section of the website for tips on how to use these advanced features. 
The Delta RMP pesticides dataset is fairly large. The most convenient export download is tab-separated data, which can be imported into a spreadsheet or database.